COLMAR, a fairytale city!

COLMAR, one of the most important cities in the Alsace region, locates in the North-East of France, a famous area remarkable for its various sorts of wines. The city has lots of activities to offer and due to its great history, German influences can be noticed in the well-preserved city centre. 

Strolling among the colourful century-old half-timbered housesbeautiful canals and flourished pedestrian, you have the feeling that you are part of a marvelous movie!


Colmar has a very strategic location, very close to the borders with Germany and Switzerland. By the way, the city locates about 64 km by famous Strasbourg, so if you are visiting the area, a trip to Colmar worth it.

If you want to fly to Colmar, you will get to the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. EuroAiport is located in France, very near to Switzerland and Germany and has the French sector and the Swiss sector. More information you can find HERE  on the official website of the airport.

 From the airport, you have a bus that takes you to Colmar and the journey lasts about 1.5 hours. If you prefer to travel by train, another option for you is to take the train from Basel, Switzerland to Colmar Station.


COLMAR is one of the driest cities in France, located nearby the mountains, with a sunny climate.

For a pleasant city-break, with mild temperatures, we recommend you visit Colmar at the end of March-April. The spring season in Colmar is bright and mild and the temperatures are about 17 °C.

TIP FOR SAVING YOUR BUDGET: you can avoid the hiked prices and overcrowded streets, by visiting Colmar during the early autumn or spring season. The prices would be relatively lower and the city will be free of the summer crowds.


Colmar is the capital of Alsace and is nestled at the bottom of the vineyard near many idyllic villages. Once you get to Colmar Train Station, you will get bewildered by its gorgeous architecture with a distinctive charm. From the train station, you can get on foot, in approximately 20 minutes, to the city center.

It is fascinating strolling on Colmar’s quiet streets, in spring. The more you get closer to the old city, the more you discover the narrow streets. The old city is Colmar’s heritage, preserved for decades. The colorful and uniquely designed houses amaze your eyes.

You can observe the German influence in the building’s architecture and for one instant, you have the impression that you visit a German city and not a French one. However, the blend of German and French cultures makes Colmar’s architecture so unique.

Colmar is a walkable city, so a stroll it is an excellent idea to explore the city. But if you do not prefer walking there are other ways to discover the city: a sightseeing tour with a mini train or you could opt for a boat tour along the canals.

You won’t miss the main sightseeing of Colmar because everywhere you go, you will find tourist signs but keep in mind the following attractions:

THE LITTLE VENICE is the main tourist attraction, and one of the most shot spots, due to its canals, blossoms, and tiny colorful houses, shops, and restaurants.

One of the landmarks we recommend is The Saint-Martin Cathedral, one of the largest churches in the Alsace. The cathedral is an exponent of the Gothic style, and its interior decorations are impressive.

Do not miss the PFISTER HOUSE decorated in Rennaisance style and presents paintings from the Bible, being one of the most impressive buildings in the city.

 Also, keep in mind TANNER’S DISTRICT and FISHMONGERS’s district, where you can discover a colourful rainbow of half-timbered houses along the Launch River.

SIGHTSEEING BY MINI TRAINS is another great activity in Colmar: on a tour of 35 minutes, you can find out interesting things about Colmar, and everything for only 7 euros. More information about this activity and the special discounts for children and groups you can find HERE

Also, many FESTIVALS AND MARKETS will be taking place in Spring: from 3rd to 19th of April 2020, in the heart of the old city, two Spring and Easter markets await you with original local products. Fun street events and craft exhibitions are on show throughout your whole stroll around the city to celebrate the return of Spring. You can find HERE more detailed information

HIKING is another recommended activity if you come to visit Colmar. The city and the villages around are situated at the foot of the Vosges Mountains. The amazing vineyard and beautiful landscapes can be discovered through such a pleasant and relaxing activity.


Being in the middle of the Alsace Region, so famous for its varieties of wines you should not miss tasting the local products. Most of the wine in Alsace is white, including varietals such as Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. 


You have the chance to organise a day trip to the fabulous city STRASBOURG. The average travel time from COLMAR to Strasbourg is only 30 minutes and, a day trip to Strasbourg worth it!

As you have noticed, COLMAR is an amazing and vibrant fairy-tale city and spending a city-break, weekend gateway, or a day trip there, deserves it!

Thank you for joining us, in our experience to Colmar, hope you enjoyed our recommendations and travel photos and see you at the next destination!


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